How do I find my ideal property?

The first step is to take a look at our website and see what we have available. When you see a particular property, fill in the request more information and we will be straight back to you. If there is nothing on our website that’s fits your criteria, please e-mail us with your requirements and we contact you as soon as we have something we think you will like. When we have found you a suitable property, the next step is to view the property.

What is the process for buying a property?

When you found a suitable property, the next step is to pay a deposit and sign a private contract with the vendor. We will arrange the contract for you and guide you through it making sure you understand everything. Between all the staff here in the office we speak most languages, so whatever your nationality, it shouldn’t be a problem. Within the contract will be a date by which you must complete the purchase (normally 2 to 3 months). This should give you enough time to arrange any finance that you need and any paperwork needed. When everything is in order, we accompany you to the public Notary, where you will sign all documentation and become the owner of your property.

How do I insure my new property?

We can also take care of this for you. Generally you will need to insure the contents and the building depending on what type of property you have purchased. Please ask one of our team for more information.

If I wish to rent my new property, whom should I contact?

We can manage the rental of your new property. We handle both long term and short term rentals so it depends on what type of property you purchase. We can guide you in the right direction and help to maximise the returns on your investment.